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Valentine's Day Gift Box

Valentine's Day Gift Box

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 Valentine's Day Gift BOX: Surprise your loved one with this Valentine's Day Gift Box, a thoughtfully curated collection that beautifully combines faith, love, and style. Packed with heartfelt goodies, this gift box is a perfect way to express your affection and devotion.

Inside this exclusive box, you'll find a Pink "Jesus Loves Me" T-shirt made from soft and comfortable fabric. A  Jesus Loves Me Beer Glass, featuring a charming design and a bamboo lid that helps to maintain the temperature of their favorite beverage. A pair of Red Ice tie-dye socks. Ensuring warmth and coziness with every step. Complete with a Jesus Loves Me Heart-shaped enamel Pin, an elegant and symbolic accessory that can be worn or displayed as a constant reminder of faith and love. 

This  Valentine's Day Gift Box is sure to bring joy and excitement to your loved one’s heart. Share the message of love, faith, and appreciation with this carefully selected assortment of items, creating a memorable and meaningful Valentine's Day celebration.


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